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About Mrs. Nhu

My educational philosophy is that art is the foundation for learning, the expression of humanity, and the substance dreams are made of. My goal is that art will have a positive influence on who my students grow up to be and what they aspire to do in their adult lives. I believe that no matter what career they focus on in the future, their experiences in my art class will have prepared them to be strong problem solvers and creative thinkers who will have the ability and initiative to invent new and amazing ideas. I also feel that instilling them with the joy and appreciation of making and viewing artwork from all cultures will enrich their lives more then they can imagine. 

I received my BFA in Art Education from the University of Arkansas in the spring of 2001. I have been teaching middle school art for Rogers Public Schools since the fall of 2001, and I've been at Oakdale since 2008. I love exploring all forms of art, but my favorites include ceramics, painting, photography, collage, and keeping a sketchbook of my travels. I have also participated in various art exhibits and sold several artworks throughout my career.  

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About Oakdale's Art Class

Please click on "6th Grade" or "7th & 8th Grade" in the column to the left in order to view a list of projects I have planned for this year that are focused on both state and core national standards for middle level art education.

Opportunities for Oakdale students to showcase their artwork include solo art shows at the Rogers Public Library, local and national art competitions, as well as frequent art displays in our school's art room, hallways, library, and on our Instagram account!

The rubric below is a guide to explain how all art projects are graded to a high standard of artistic quality.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email me at

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