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For your first quarter project, you will write an original short survival story. In order to make your story believable, you will conduct research and include an annotated bibliography, with at least three sources. The research can contribute in a variety of ways: the setting, the plants/animals/weather of that setting, the skills that the character uses in the story, how he/she finds their self in a survival scenario, etc. Your story also must include literary elements, such as character development (change from who they are in the beginning), plot (beginning, middle, end), and theme. Below, you will find the expectations for your story; make sure that you include all of these components.  The stories will be due at the beginning of class on  Friday, October 10. We will read them throughout the week of October 13-17. The first four students to volunteer their story to be the first one read and have it turned in (even if they turn it in early) will receive 5 bonus points. Those four stories will be distributed and read over the weekend, and discussed in class on Monday, October 13.  Expectations for the short stories: THIS IS NOT A RUBRIC Literary Elements- character development (how they change from beginning to end), theme, interaction between the character and the setting, the establishment of mood by the setting, and obstacles that the character faces Style- vivid vocabulary is used, variety of sentence lengths, appropriate tone/voice (how you "say" it) Mechanics- correct spelling, punctuation, word usage, double spaced, 3-5 pages *If you need to hand write your story, please let me know. Annotated Bibliography- at least 3 sources, correctly cited, with a 5 sentence objective summary for each source  Personal Growth- submitted for peer review & feedback (turn it in on time) A rubric will be provided to you on Monday, October 6. If you have any questions, you may post to this blog or email me.
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We discussed the meaning of "giftedness", last week. Thinking back to our discussion, write a 5 sentence paragraph, explaining what "giftedness" means to you. Consider: What does it mean to be gifted? What does it mean to be in the REACH program? What do you expect to gain from this experience?
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